Telegram's Hidden Features You Should Know

Telegram's Hidden Features You Should Know

Understanding the in-depth functionality of an application can significantly enhance user experience. In this blog, the team, drawing on its extensive platform experience, aims to reveal hidden features of Telegram that you should know about.

This blog will cover:

  • Understanding the Basics of Telegram
  • Hidden Features You Should Know
  • Pros & Cons of Using These Hidden Features
  • Importance of Knowing These Features

Understanding the Basics of Telegram

Telegram, an increasingly popular instant messaging app, is valued for its security and plethora of features. However, some of its most useful tools remain hidden, accessible only to those who know where to look.

Hidden Features You Should Know

  1. Self-Destruct Messages: In Secret Chats, users can set a self-destruct timer for messages. After reading, the message will vanish from both devices.
  2. Multiple Accounts: Telegram allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, a handy feature for those juggling personal and professional lives.
  3. Chat Folders: Keep your chats organized by creating folders based on different criteria, such as unread messages, personal chats, business chats, etc.
  4. Silent Messages: Send messages without sound. Even if the recipient's device isn’t in silent mode, the message will arrive silently.
  5. Edit Sent Messages: Made a mistake in your message? Unlike many messaging apps, Telegram lets you edit sent messages.
  6. Lock Chats: For an extra layer of privacy, you can lock specific chats and access them only via a passcode or biometric authentication.

Pros & Cons of Using These Hidden Features

Knowing and utilizing these hidden features can enhance user experience, but might require a bit of learning curve for novice users.


Harnessing Telegram's full potential can significantly improve user experience. As experts in the platform, strongly recommends familiarizing yourself with these tools.

Exploring and using Telegram's hidden features can drastically enrich your messaging experience. For more insights, we invite you to delve into other resources and blogs by the team.